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About Us

Rod Drew

Like many Rod’s interest in cars began as soon as he got behind the wheel; on the back roads of Massachusetts that began earlier than most.  He passion for automotives and mechanical engineering grew into a lifelong excursion. Eventually finding his way to Southern California, he continued grow his expertise into every aspects of automotive repair.   Twenty years ago Rod honed his focus to Vintage, as well as the modern Ferrari.   Francorchamps of America, Inc. (F.A.I.) quickly became one of the premiere facilities for restoration, repair and service both domestically and internationally.  Known for his attention to every detail and unwillingness to accept anything less than “correct” for a car’s release, Rod Drew and FAI have been awarded numerous recognitions, and been invited to participate in events, from Pebble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance to Ferrari’s historic 275 tour through Italy.  Rod’s desire to always strive for the highest level of restoration drove him to create Scuderia Rare Parts, as a resource to re-create the un-source able, and often obsolete vintage parts.

Derek Boycks

As a Southern California native, Derek says vintage cars have been a lifelong passion.   He credits he grandfather with the introduction to vintage cars and restoration, and recalls vividly the experience of riding in the rumble seat of 1929 EGGE Machine Model A to attend the Fabulous Ford Car Show in the early 80's.  “That was when I learned vintage cars can be really fun”. At that time I was always very excited to see a Ferrari going down the road, and when the F40 was unveiled it was all over for me, I knew I really wanted to know these special cars inside and out”.  He began at a South Orange County shop specializing in European repairs and quickly got his hands into older European Classic car repairs.  In Early 2001 Derek was introduced to a local collector with a couple of vintage Cobras, this kinship would lead to collaborations on several vintage Ferrari projects including 250 SWB, 250 SWB recreation, 365 GTC/4's, Daytona’s and more. A detour pulled Derek into racing, when asked to Crew for a race team participating in the 2004 Carrera Panamericana Road race then   By 2006, he was asked to prep a 356 Porsche for the same event – with just three months to ready this first time entrant – the car took 3rd in its class . 

Ultimately his passion for Ferrari guided him to a position of curator for an extensive private collection of vintage Ferrari’s in Orange County, CA.   Derek joined FAI in 2009 and appreciates the opportunity on a daily basis to nurture his “lifelong passion for Ferrari’s and desire to continually strive preserve the cars’ originalities.”   

Roger Hall

Born in Southern California and rasied in Orange County Roger remembers trips with his father in the mid-1960’s to watch racing at the historic Riverside Raceway.  Working on cars in high school was his first steps to his career working with automotives.  He began working at a Chevrolet dealership, which afforded him the opportunity to fine tune his skills, but ultimately it was his love of European cars and in particular Ferrari’s that was to become his passion.  Roger remembers being hooked by Formula One in 1983 as he attended the Long Beach Grand Prix.  As he watched Gilles Villeneuve and his pit crew at that moment he became a tifoso - a distinction he proudly still proclaims today.

Joining FAI in 1995 he jumped at the chance to work on Ferrari’s.  Roger appreciates the synergy of his career and his passion meeting on joined path.  His work allows him the opportunity to work with vintage Ferrari’s as well as the contemporary models which all hold the same fascination and allure for the last 30 years.

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